Rosamund Lupton in Alaska

From Rosamund Lupton 15th December 2015

Rosamund Lupton visited Alaska, where The Quality of Silence is set. Here are some photos she took of her icy journey, including an eery photo of a truck you might recognise from descriptions in the book.

Rosamund Lupton Alaska sign

Alaska truck

Rosamund Lupton Alaska truck

Rosamund Lupton Alaska truck 2

Rosamund Lupton Alaska phone


Rosamund Lupton on her inspiration for The Quality of Silence

News 20th July 2015

What inspired Rosamund Lupton to set her brand new novel, The Quality of Silence, in the frozen darkness of Alaska? And why did she choose Ruby, ten years old and deaf, as the main voice in the book?

Head over to the Sainsbury’s eBooks blog to read a piece from Rosamund Lupton on her inspiration for The Quality of Silence.

Thank You To Libraries from Rosamund Lupton

From Rosamund Lupton 29th June 2012
I love libraries, both as a reader and a writer. For me they are at the heart of a community and when I was growing up I used them all the time and still remember the magic of being allowed to choose six books to take home.

Later, as a struggling writer, borrowing books was the only way to feed a voracious reading habit. So it’s wonderful now – and a little unreal – when my books are borrowed from libraries. Many libraries have chosen ‘Sister’ or ‘Afterwards’ as their book club choice which has made me tremendously proud. I’d like to particularly thank the following libraries and librarians for their support both in the UK and in the USA, either by their staff picking and reviewing the books, or for making Sister or Afterwards a book club choice.

Thank you.

Special thanks to…

New York Public Library – Thank you for choosing ‘Sister’ as a best thriller of 2011 and ‘Afterwards’  as a highly recommended book from all years.

School Library Journal – USA  
London Public Library
Leicestershire Libraries

Paramatta City Libraries

Cleveland Library

Rockville-Centre Public Library

Columbus Library

Deer Park Public Library

Bournemouth Libraries

South Lake Library Texas

West Allis Public Library

University Library Loughbourough

Matthews Public Library

The Online Librarian

Porthcawl Library reading group
New Malden and Old Malden libraries

Maesteg Library

Iowa City Public Libaries

Perth and Kinross libraries
Salt Lake County Library

Lake County Public library 

Warren Public Library – USA

Kearney Public Library, Arizona

Mission Library – Tucson

Mandel Public Library – West Palm Beach

INgleby Barwick Library

Jones Lbrary – Massachusetts

Mesa County Libraries – Colorado

New Hampshire Library Association

Mona Vale Library – Pittwater

Parramatta City Libraries – Australia

Bexley Library

Warwickshire College Library

Pickerington Public Library

Swampscott Public Library  Massachusetts 

The Fairbanks Library Bookclub

Mornington Peninsular Library

East Meadow Public Library – New York

Columbus Metropolitan Library (info from the Columbus Dispatch)

Apologies to any libraries I have missed out from the list – I am reliant on ‘Google’ letting me know and it’s not always a totally reliable messenger. I would love to hear from you.

In 2011 Sister was the eighth most borrowed book in the UK and third most borrowed in Scotland. Of all the statistics associated with  ‘Sister’ this is the one that makes me most proud.

In the UK authors are calling for ‘a library in every school’ legislation.  Surely every child should be able to leave where he or she is from – wherever that might be – and have the same open door into the world of books.